Company profile

Cordys Capital Ingatlankezelő és Vagyongazdálkodó Kft. was re-established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Cordys Holding Zrt. in order to keep up our accustomed range of high-quality services to new and established companies in the region.

100% Cordys Holding Zrt.

Our company is owned by Cordys Holding Zrt., which enables us to respond quickly to the challenges we face.

From 2017, we started to build the largest ever logistics centre for the Group in the new Industrial Park in Szirmabesenyő. When choosing the area of investment, it was important that the centre to be built should be easy to reach, and create further development opportunities to build new warehouses. This is why we opted for the current location, which can be directly reached from the M30 motorway and a highway.

Basic information

Area: 206,740 m2

Built-up area: 21,567 m2

Hall system: reinforced concrete structure

Usable floor space: 20,500 m2

Interior design

Interior height: 11.00 m

Storage height: 10.50 m

Warehousing space: 19,000 m2

Warehousing, social and office functions: 2,000 m2 interior space and 800 m2 covered open space

Technical parameters

The six-nave hall has a reinforced concrete structural framework and a rectangular shape. The frame consists of reinforced concrete columns with pocket foundation and connecting reinforced concrete I-beams and T-section ridges. The floor can be reached by two staircases with a reinforced concrete structure. The external walls of the hall have a sandwich panel structure. The roof cladding is made of trapezoidal sheets with stone-wool insulation and plastic cladding. The building has several entrances and emergency doors, industrial sectional gates and docking units.

Client-centered approach

Our company strives to suit the requirements of our partners and customers, and ensure the highest quality of services during daily operations.

The continuous growth in the numbers of our partners is ensured by the build-to-suit developments of our parent company and the subsidiaries of the Group. We aim to establish long-term cooperation with our partners.

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